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Number of Campaigns: 93   Total Raised: $661.97   Earned by campaign promoters: $5.40
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Kin Community Fund
Twitter by KinShips in Community

All donations sent to this address will be used to fund various Kin community initiatives, such as contests, giveaways, and more.


Needed: $1,000   Raised: $116.76   Donations: 86

Earn: 50% for sharing

Buy a coffee for me..
Twitter by Gaudenzio in KIN for Coffee · India

I will get a coffee for me and post an image with #getcode to my twitter account.


Needed: $5   Raised: $1.70   Donations: 4

Earn: 10% for sharing

Help Me Promote Code x Kin At Local Web3 Event
Twitter by Jamalechrist in Community · Togo

Hey everyone. I will be attending a Web3 event here in Togo from July 6-7th! I will be able to promote Code at the event and grow our community. I'll be sure to get videos and pictures. I would like to raise some funds to cover the attendance fee and also share Kin with others at the event. Please support me and help me on my mission to grow adoption here in Togo.


Needed: $100   Raised: $29.25   Donations: 13

Earn: 0% for sharing

Twitter by Jamalechrist in Community · Togo

I requested to present $kin at this program organize by @Docteurmuhadjir around the investment cryptocurrency and the web 3.0. But unfortunately I need guys to support our team delegate for the program. Let us initiate Togo's investors to $kin and maybe lifetimes adoption. #weareallkin #wearecode #wearethefure ??

Needed: $300   Raised: $6.73   Donations: 4

Earn: 5% for sharing

Help me to pay my cats vet bill
not verified by QaywfmD5 in Animals · UK

My kitten binx broke his leg when he got outside and got hit by a car. Help me to pay for his surgery and the cost of xray and medicine

Needed: $1,200   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 0% for sharing

Starting up
not verified by Q4 in Influencer/Creator · United States

In need of funding to survive day to day meanwhile I start up my business.

Needed: $420   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 20% for sharing

Help me buy my passport finally!! ?
not verified by Mari321 in Travel and Adventure · UK

I think life is for adventure, travelling has been my dream for a while but without a passport I'm limited ?

Needed: $100   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 15% for sharing

Need a Home!
not verified by 376e2dDK in Personal · Canada

I am 37 yr old single mother of 4, our building has been sold and we have to vacate! I have lived in this building for over 8 yrs and did not see thus happening! We are in need of a new place to call home and I am trying to raise enough money for first and last. Target is $5000 including moving costs, anything helps! Have a blessed day! ??

Needed: $5,000   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 25% for sharing

To pay for my broken car
not verified by 2J0ygFye in Transportation · UK

My car has just failed it’s service and it’s gonna cost a lot of money to fix

Needed: $500   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 50% for sharing

Help fund my new wardrobe

Hi please help fund my new wardrobe The reason for the new wardrobe is cause all the clothing is too short or too revealing

Needed: $200   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 10% for sharing

Buy My Daughter a Fancy Goldfish Named “Ted”
not verified by 88N6fJaW in Animals · United States

I love the power of KIN and my daughter has been begging me for a fish tank for her Birthday, which is April 2nd. I will name my daughter’s first goldfish “Ted” Raising money for his purchase, tank, decorations, food, college education and eventual child support.


Needed: $100   Raised: $88.75   Donations: 23

Earn: 50% for sharing

Help Our Kids Find Joy Again After Tragedy
not verified by Perry in Disaster Relief · United States

A few months ago, our lives changed when my beloved wife, Sarah, was involved in a severe car accident. Sarah, the rock of our family, has been battling through surgeries and therapy, and seeing her in pain has been incredibly difficult for us. As Sarah fights to recover, our financial situation has become increasingly strained. Medical bills are mounting, and despite our best efforts, we are struggling to cover basic expenses. Our children, Emily and Jack, have been looking forward to their school’s summer trip to Catalina Island, dreaming of the adventures they’d have with their friends. Unfortunately, with our current financial situation, we can’t afford the cost of the trip. It tears me apart to see the disappointment in their eyes. They’ve been through so much, and I want nothing more than to see them smile and experience some happiness. We are humbly asking for your help. Your generous contribution will go directly towards the cost of Emily and Jack’s summer school field trip to Catalina. Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference in our lives. Your kindness and generosity will forever be remembered.

Needed: $239   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 25% for sharing

Saving Kin - for my kids EDUCATION into high school in the couple years
Twitter by Diamond in Education

I love making art work such as meme, gif, logo and hope with this can support Kin community. I write & post it on my social media , twitter, hvr browser, telegram Please keep supporting me Thank you

Needed: $1,000   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 50% for sharing

Kin Promotion - Making meme, gif, and other stuff to promote Kin and post it on social media
Twitter by Diamond in Arts

I Love Kin community Please support my art I Keep making meme , gif and interesting stuff about Kin and post on my social media

Needed: $800   Raised: $1.00   Donations: 1

Earn: 50% for sharing

First Book bought with Kin

I will buy a book and take a picture of me holding it in front of the bookstore I bought it at along with a piece of paper saying this is the first book bought with Kin.


Needed: $25   Raised: $2.25   Donations: 3

Earn: 10% for sharing

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