Gone to the beach for a couple of days to visit family and friends and just chill!! Not something I get much time of - people think when you're in this line of work it's quick, easy money - I can assure you it is NOT - it's bloody hard work and I need a rest lol x

Happy Easter guys and girls!! Hope you got some eggs, or some bunnies ;) xx

Is there anyone here yet?? Just seems to be me and Danji πŸ˜‚

Well following on from Tuesdays maddness (I went back to bed I gave up lol) I have found the PURFECT place for my 'establishment' shall we say 😜

It's Tuesday Morning and I'm literally facing my mobile going hinky, my laptop isn't charging properly and my washing machine has just flooded my kitchen!! All before 10am. WTAF!!!

I'm glad other people are finding this now - took me ages to get round the damn cat page πŸ˜‚


for everyone and everything :-) PalmRise SRO Czech Republic