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Ifagbemi @OrimogunjeHerbalHome

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Location: Ijebu Igbo Nigeria

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ORIMOGUNJE TRADITIONAL.MEDICINE Herbal Home & Native Doctor. Office Address No.90.oke moje stree, Atikori, Ijebu Igbo Ogun state. hotline Call +2348136081039 or whatsapp We attend to people and secure them with our traditional herbal drugs (Root and Leaf ) to heal the best solution on all diseases both in and out of the body in any form.e.g.
Erectile Malfunction,
None Pregnant woman,
Looking husband or Wife
Blood Disease,
Bad Dream,
Business Boom,
Fruit Of The Womb,
Land/Court Case,
Political Appointment,
Win Court Case,
Spiritual Power For Men Of God,
Promotion At Work,
Get Your Love Back,
Secret of Wealth,

And Many More. We've help and assist people with our herbs and many of them are testify to that also have mooring both leaf, Seed for total body cleanser for details call @ +2348136081039 whatsap.


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