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Community Crowdfunding - Raise money with KIN Cryptocurrency for Fundraising and Microfunding
Kin Community Fund
Twitter by KinShips in Community

All donations sent to this address will be used to fund various Kin community initiatives, such as contests, giveaways, and more.


Needed: $1,000   Raised: $116.76   Donations: 86

Earn: 50% for sharing

Help Me Promote Code x Kin At Local Web3 Event
Twitter by Jamalechrist in Community

Hey everyone. I will be attending a Web3 event here in Togo from July 6-7th! I will be able to promote Code at the event and grow our community. I'll be sure to get videos and pictures. I would like to raise some funds to cover the attendance fee and also share Kin with others at the event. Please support me and help me on my mission to grow adoption here in Togo.


Needed: $100   Raised: $29.25   Donations: 13

Earn: 0% for sharing

Twitter by Jamalechrist in Community

I requested to present $kin at this program organize by @Docteurmuhadjir around the investment cryptocurrency and the web 3.0. But unfortunately I need guys to support our team delegate for the program. Let us initiate Togo's investors to $kin and maybe lifetimes adoption. #weareallkin #wearecode #wearethefure ??

Needed: $300   Raised: $6.73   Donations: 4

Earn: 5% for sharing

First Book bought with Kin
Twitter by StephenPaar in Community

I will buy a book and take a picture of me holding it in front of the bookstore I bought it at along with a piece of paper saying this is the first book bought with Kin.


Needed: $25   Raised: $2.25   Donations: 3

Earn: 10% for sharing

$100 $KIN drop on Twitter for 10 lucky people ($10 each).
Twitter by 2uZSrdkH in Community

I am looking to raise US$100 of $KIN, which I can give to 10 lucky people on Twitter ($10 each) based on who comments first. This will be done on one Twitter post all at once, fully transparently from my Twitter user @pypldaily The Tweet will be posted within 24 hrs of the $100 goal being met.

Needed: $100   Raised: $1.00   Donations: 2

Earn: 50% for sharing

Kreechures Anniversary - buy the founder a beer!
Twitter by DanielCKin in Community

It was 3 years ago today, that Daniel Charpentier made history by launching the first NFT collection on the Solana chain. As I recall, they were either free to mint or didn’t cost much. It was a very generous gesture to the Kin Community, giving us all the opportunity to own a piece of history. I’d like to buy him a beer to say thanks and wish the Kreechures a very Happy Birthday! I thought any Kin OGs might like to show some appreciation too - so here’s a way to donate using Code wallet and $Kin 100% proceeds will go to the Kreechures founder, Daniel Charpentier. Update- Daniel Charpentier has now sent me his Code wallet address so I’ve updated and they’ll go directly to him.


Needed: $100   Raised: $92.50   Donations: 24

Earn: 0% for sharing

First Kin Ice Cream in Los Angeles
Twitter by StephenPaar in Community

Would love to buy the first ice cream cone with Kin at, Jeni’s, the best ice cream place in Los Angeles. I will take a picture of the cone at Jeni’s with a piece of paper talking about how it was purchased with CODE, KIN, and was fundraised at BUDU. I will leave a google review highlighting that this Jeni’s was the site of the first ice cream purchased with money sent from around the world using Code&Kin.


Needed: $9   Raised: $9.50   Donations: 2

Earn: 10% for sharing

Just rotate.
Twitter by Sanxarrr234 in Community

All donations will be given to the $KIN community and distributed via Code Wallet, as well as via posts on X with the help of Heywallet.

Needed: $999   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 5% for sharing

Some Kin to buy Perfum
Twitter by Born2Win in Community

If you are Kin lover, help to put the community growing. I planned to buy Perfum at the Perfum that accept Kin to motivate the owner to talk about it to their customers.

Needed: $50   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 0% for sharing is global crowdfunding platform & a social network / business network. Anyone can register. you can earn by promoting or promoting various fundraisers.
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