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Gaming Crowdfunding - Raise money with KIN Cryptocurrency for Fundraising and Microfunding
Help with my pitch deck for a new VR game that uses Kin
Twitter by PlayParticle in Gaming

I have a new indie game studio and I've been personally invited to pitch my new VR game idea to one of the largest web3 game investors around. I need to put together a pitch deck and business plan in the next few weeks. Since my game uses Kin as it's in-game currency I thought it would be interesting to use the stats from this this fundraiser as a metric in the pitch deck. The more people that donate to help me build a better pitch deck, the more impressive the stats will look, showing the investors that people want to see Kin used in a video game. If this fundraiser continues beyond this first pitch I'll keep updating the stats for future pitches. Thank you!


Needed: $200   Raised: $51.38   Donations: 19

Earn: 50% for sharing

ongoing Farming game
not verified by crypt03xpert in Gaming

building a farming game where you can lend and borrow assets and gain from it ,a small support may help

Needed: $500   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 5% for sharing

Roblox Play for All: Fundraising for Kids' Gaming Access's
not verified by RobloxDreamsFund in Gaming

Roblox Play for All" is a fundraising initiative aimed at providing children with access to the popular online gaming platform, Roblox. Many kids long to join the Roblox community, but financial constraints prevent them from doing so.

Needed: $90   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

Need to create 3D characters for RPG game
Twitter by ViktorMazhlekov in Gaming

My name is Viktor, I'm an artist and game designer. Currently I work on indie game called World of Dabado. It is story driven isometric CRPG with deep nonlinear story, unusual fantasy world and multiple riddles. I started it in 2013 and since than, invested more than 15000 hr work, creating the art, story, game design and mechanics. At this moment we develop different game mechanics, which later will form small demo version, but I need to create six 3D characters and their animations, which mean to hire 3D artist/animator to create them. Each character and his animations coast approximately 1000$, all together 6000$. If you desire to become a patron of this creative project, drop me a line to viktor[at]mazhlekov[dot]com The game is really different than everything that come out in this days. Your support will will help to born something creative and beautiful.

Needed: $6,000   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

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