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Kin For Coffee Crowdfunding - Raise money with KIN Cryptocurrency for Fundraising and Microfunding
Buy a coffee for me..
Twitter by Gaudenzio in KIN for Coffee

I will get a coffee for me and post an image with #getcode to my twitter account.


Needed: $5   Raised: $1.70   Donations: 4

Earn: 10% for sharing

Buy me a coffee in Brussels
not verified by bernard in KIN for Coffee

Web developer interested in implementing getcode in some fun PHP projects. Addicted to caffeine, please buy me a coffee to keep me going :)


Needed: $5   Raised: $5.50   Donations: 3

Earn: 10% for sharing

Help me raise money for the first KIN Coffee in New Zealand
not verified by iUhxfXZE in KIN for Coffee

Hey, i am mika! i currently travel the beautiful county and would love to post the first fundraised KIN coffee in new zealand picturing it with the stunning views here. if your generous, maybe i get some leftover kin for buying a kiwi :D thank you all for donating <3 we are all #kin


Needed: $8   Raised: $8.25   Donations: 3

Earn: 10% for sharing

Buy me a coffee in Los Angeles
Twitter by StephenPaar in KIN for Coffee

I will buy a coffee in Los Angeles and take a picture of it in front of the Hollywood sign.


Needed: $5   Raised: $7.00   Donations: 6

Earn: 50% for sharing

Would you buy me a coffee?
Twitter by Tommy in KIN for Coffee

I know I'm not TED but I would be very happy about a coffee.


Needed: $5   Raised: $5.00   Donations: 4

Earn: 50% for sharing

Buy me a coffee
Twitter by KINSTER in KIN for Coffee

I need to have a coffee here in Paris so that I start thinking about the ways to utilise this platform and start creating :-)


Needed: $5   Raised: $7.00   Donations: 7

Earn: 50% for sharing

Trip to see my first date
not verified by KombuchaKinGuy in KIN for Coffee

I met someone online and she's really amazing! I wanted to try this platform out and have a fundraiser to see if the community is willing to help me raise some money to go on a trip to see her in person. I usually do not date and I haven't been on a date since I was 15 years old. I am willing for the first time to take this journey and maybe find love.. who knows. I hope I can gain the support of my fellow peers who were in my boat before and weren't able to make anything work because no money no honey (jk.) But yes! Will you be willing to help me raise money to go see my first date and possibly left over to buy her dinner? <3

Needed: $500   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

KIN for Coffee with Statue of Liberty
Twitter by perahodlr in KIN for Coffee

Once the "KIN for Coffee with Statue of Liberty" has been funded I will send the amount to first person to accept and complete this challenge. Reply that you will do this and of course have photo proof of you having coffee with Statue of Liberty in the background. Must post on X/Twitter. Examples: $10 in cash link as a reward for taking on the challenge.

Needed: $10   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 0% for sharing

not verified by NNA0uHo4 in KIN for Coffee

Want to drink some nice coffee???

Needed: $2   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

Fund my coffee order
not verified by SparklingQueen in KIN for Coffee

Looking to be treated to coffee

Needed: $150   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing is global crowdfunding platform & a social network / business network. Anyone can register. you can earn by promoting or promoting various fundraisers.
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