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Food parcel for my mum in residential care home
not verified by Hechtin in Personal

The food in psychiatric institution is often in defective quality. My mum told me she doesn't like the food and sometimes she refuses to eat that and waits for weekends to buy with her small pocket money in the supermarket. I would like to send her a food parcel due to Not living nearby. After creating a yummy food parcel, I will send you guys a picture. ( : thank you <3


Needed: $33   Raised: $1.00   Donations: 1

Earn: 50% for sharing

Help support me through college
not verified by Dani in Personal

Hii, my name is Dani. This fundraiser is to help support me through college. I’m 19 years old, and working 40 hours a week to pay my rent, food and my college fees., I’m studying clinical psychology. I hope to eventually become a clinical psychologist, any support would be appreciated ??

Needed: $10,000   Raised: $1.00   Donations: 1

Earn: 50% for sharing

Twitter by steele in Personal

for testing purposes only


Needed: $10   Raised: $1.00   Donations: 1

Earn: 50% for sharing

Help a Struggling Student Cover Rent Expenses
not verified by Luca in Personal

Hello, I'm a student in France and I'm having trouble paying my rent. I'm asking for help from the kin community.

Needed: $400   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

Buy Me a Pen
not verified by i4QrhpGc in Personal

Buy Me a Pen

Needed: $5   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

The world's most powerful spy phone
not verified by NwEALSfV in Personal

Full-featured and easy-to-use smartphone monitoring device. It can make and receive calls and perform monitoring functions like any other smartphone. Just enter the person's phone number to see their every move. Find out what your kids are doing and learn how your spouse behaves when you're not around, no programming required. View other people's call logs, contacts, SMS, MMS, location tracking, and more. This phone has no range limitations. For purchase or consultation, please log on to the company website

Needed: $100   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

not verified by eNzkpaHW in Personal

Please help my family (me, my husband, 4 young step-sons, my little sister we are raising, 4 dogs) get our precious baby puppy out of the veterinary hospital. Her name is Mojo and she is a pit bull/Shar-pei mix. She has a sister Coco, who has been at home with us. Unfortunetly, Mojo and Coco both contracted Parvo at just about 7 weeks old. Mojo was just too small (as the runt of the litter) to beat the disease on her own. She was throwing up and pooping straight blood when we rushed her to the veterinary hospital. She was in very bad shape. By the grace of God, Mojo made it through but she had to spend several days in the vet hospital totaling a bill of over $3000. However, we can get her out for $500 and pay the rest in installments. So, I will be more than happy with $500 just so I can bring the little baby home becuase they said they will uthanize if we dont pay to get her out!!! I can't imagine her thinking that we abandoned her. Please Please help us and little Mojo!

Needed: $500   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

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