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South Africa Crowdfunding Platform - Raise money with Microfunding & Frundraising with KIN Cryptocurrency
If you want to do Crowdfunding in South Africa and raise some money for your passion or project then you have come to the right place
Raise money for free and network also with all the right people
Help fund my new wardrobe

Hi please help fund my new wardrobe The reason for the new wardrobe is cause all the clothing is too short or too revealing

Needed: $200   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 10% for sharing

Help me get into College
not verified by Nocyii in Personal · South Africa

I am 18 years old and next year I am getting into college but I need to raise money for my fees ,my mother and father died years ago and I am in desperate need of financial help and support thank you for your generosity any amount is appreciated

Needed: $50,000   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 20% for sharing

House an artist
not verified by PUO60wdj in Arts · South Africa

I am 32 year old female artist who needs a place to live and work, my goal is $500 for the space that I need.

Needed: $500   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

Struggle fund
not verified by Feetpicsforyou in Personal · South Africa

The only reason why I'm doing this is because I do have extra stuff I need to pay that is semi personal to me. Medical and so forth.

Needed: $2,000   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 15% for sharing

Help me get a new passport

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this post. My passport recently expired, and I need a new one for travel. Any support is appreciated!

Needed: $120   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing is global crowdfunding platform & a social network / business network. Anyone can register. you can earn by promoting or promoting various fundraisers.
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