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Australia Crowdfunding Platform - Raise money with Microfunding & Frundraising with KIN Cryptocurrency
If you want to do Crowdfunding in Australia and raise some money for your passion or project then you have come to the right place
Raise money for free and network also with all the right people
$100 $KIN drop on Twitter for 10 lucky people ($10 each).
Twitter by 2uZSrdkH in Community · Australia

I am looking to raise US$100 of $KIN, which I can give to 10 lucky people on Twitter ($10 each) based on who comments first. This will be done on one Twitter post all at once, fully transparently from my Twitter user @pypldaily The Tweet will be posted within 24 hrs of the $100 goal being met.

Needed: $100   Raised: $1.00   Donations: 2

Earn: 50% for sharing

Help support me through college
not verified by Dani in Personal · Australia

Hii, my name is Dani. This fundraiser is to help support me through college. I’m 19 years old, and working 40 hours a week to pay my rent, food and my college fees., I’m studying clinical psychology. I hope to eventually become a clinical psychologist, any support would be appreciated ??

Needed: $10,000   Raised: $1.00   Donations: 1

Earn: 50% for sharing is global crowdfunding platform & a social network / business network. Anyone can register. you can earn by promoting or promoting various fundraisers.
earn money by creating and moderating clubs on budu as well join the revolution

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