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Top Crowdfunding campaigns & projects 2024
Kin Community Fund
Twitter by KinShips in Community

All donations sent to this address will be used to fund various Kin community initiatives, such as contests, giveaways, and more.


Needed: $1,000   Raised: $100.01   Donations: 76

Earn: 50% for sharing

Kreechures Anniversary - buy the founder a beer!
Twitter by DanielCKin in Community

It was 3 years ago today, that Daniel Charpentier made history by launching the first NFT collection on the Solana chain. As I recall, they were either free to mint or didn’t cost much. It was a very generous gesture to the Kin Community, giving us all the opportunity to own a piece of history. I’d like to buy him a beer to say thanks and wish the Kreechures a very Happy Birthday! I thought any Kin OGs might like to show some appreciation too - so here’s a way to donate using Code wallet and $Kin 100% proceeds will go to the Kreechures founder, Daniel Charpentier. Update- Daniel Charpentier has now sent me his Code wallet address so I’ve updated and they’ll go directly to him.


Needed: $100   Raised: $92.50   Donations: 24

Earn: 0% for sharing

Buy My Daughter a Fancy Goldfish Named “Ted”
not verified by 88N6fJaW in Animals · United States

I love the power of KIN and my daughter has been begging me for a fish tank for her Birthday, which is April 2nd. I will name my daughter’s first goldfish “Ted” Raising money for his purchase, tank, decorations, food, college education and eventual child support.


Needed: $100   Raised: $88.50   Donations: 22

Earn: 50% for sharing

Brandon Android Code Wallet Developer fundraiser
Twitter by steele in Technology · United States

Brandon is making sure that Android release is on par with the ios release. he already has done plenty of work which you can see on his github. If you are a KIN Community member or someone who really appreciates Android coming online give him a hand with some KIN. The donations are going directly into his code wallet not into mine.


Needed: $1,000   Raised: $68.00   Donations: 19

Earn: 50% for sharing

First pizza paid for in Kin

I can’t wait to taste the first pizza paid for in Kin, it will be delicious! I will buy 2 pizzas from the best pizza place in Los Angeles, Tomato Pie. And take a picture of myself with them before I eat them. I will post this pic on the google reviews of Tomato Pie highlighting that this is the site of the first Pizza purchased with Kin.


Needed: $65   Raised: $65.84   Donations: 24

Earn: 5% for sharing

Help with my pitch deck for a new VR game that uses Kin
Twitter by PlayParticle in Gaming · United States

I have a new indie game studio and I've been personally invited to pitch my new VR game idea to one of the largest web3 game investors around. I need to put together a pitch deck and business plan in the next few weeks. Since my game uses Kin as it's in-game currency I thought it would be interesting to use the stats from this this fundraiser as a metric in the pitch deck. The more people that donate to help me build a better pitch deck, the more impressive the stats will look, showing the investors that people want to see Kin used in a video game. If this fundraiser continues beyond this first pitch I'll keep updating the stats for future pitches. Thank you!


Needed: $200   Raised: $51.38   Donations: 19

Earn: 50% for sharing

buy me a meal
Twitter by steele in Hunger · Spain

so i dont starve to death


Needed: $10   Raised: $14.00   Donations: 5

Earn: 25% for sharing

For A Motorcycle
not verified by PhilipHerran in Transportation

Need a moped for Summer haha. ???


Needed: $300   Raised: $12.00   Donations: 12

Earn: 50% for sharing

south america code wallet onboarding

with this fund i will be onboarding one 10 south and central americans for every $1 donation send. I will go on Facebook and other social networks and find central south american families and start onboarding them manually :-)


Needed: $10   Raised: $10.00   Donations: 10

Earn: 50% for sharing

First Kin Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Would love to buy the first ice cream cone with Kin at, Jeni’s, the best ice cream place in Los Angeles. I will take a picture of the cone at Jeni’s with a piece of paper talking about how it was purchased with CODE, KIN, and was fundraised at BUDU. I will leave a google review highlighting that this Jeni’s was the site of the first ice cream purchased with money sent from around the world using Code&Kin.


Needed: $9   Raised: $9.50   Donations: 2

Earn: 10% for sharing is global crowdfunding platform & a social network / business network. Anyone can register. you can earn by promoting or promoting various fundraisers.
earn money by creating and moderating clubs on budu as well join the revolution

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