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United States Crowdfunding Platform - Raise money with Microfunding & Frundraising with KIN Cryptocurrency
If you want to do Crowdfunding in United States and raise some money for your passion or project then you have come to the right place
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Starting up
not verified by Q4 in Influencer/Creator · United States

In need of funding to survive day to day meanwhile I start up my business.

Needed: $420   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 20% for sharing

Buy My Daughter a Fancy Goldfish Named “Ted”
not verified by 88N6fJaW in Animals · United States

I love the power of KIN and my daughter has been begging me for a fish tank for her Birthday, which is April 2nd. I will name my daughter’s first goldfish “Ted” Raising money for his purchase, tank, decorations, food, college education and eventual child support.


Needed: $100   Raised: $88.75   Donations: 23

Earn: 50% for sharing

Help Our Kids Find Joy Again After Tragedy
not verified by Perry in Disaster Relief · United States

A few months ago, our lives changed when my beloved wife, Sarah, was involved in a severe car accident. Sarah, the rock of our family, has been battling through surgeries and therapy, and seeing her in pain has been incredibly difficult for us. As Sarah fights to recover, our financial situation has become increasingly strained. Medical bills are mounting, and despite our best efforts, we are struggling to cover basic expenses. Our children, Emily and Jack, have been looking forward to their school’s summer trip to Catalina Island, dreaming of the adventures they’d have with their friends. Unfortunately, with our current financial situation, we can’t afford the cost of the trip. It tears me apart to see the disappointment in their eyes. They’ve been through so much, and I want nothing more than to see them smile and experience some happiness. We are humbly asking for your help. Your generous contribution will go directly towards the cost of Emily and Jack’s summer school field trip to Catalina. Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference in our lives. Your kindness and generosity will forever be remembered.

Needed: $239   Raised: $0.25   Donations: 1

Earn: 25% for sharing

First Book bought with Kin

I will buy a book and take a picture of me holding it in front of the bookstore I bought it at along with a piece of paper saying this is the first book bought with Kin.


Needed: $25   Raised: $2.25   Donations: 3

Earn: 10% for sharing

Brandon Android Code Wallet Developer fundraiser
Twitter by steele in Technology · United States

Brandon is making sure that Android release is on par with the ios release. he already has done plenty of work which you can see on his github. If you are a KIN Community member or someone who really appreciates Android coming online give him a hand with some KIN. The donations are going directly into his code wallet not into mine.


Needed: $1,000   Raised: $68.00   Donations: 19

Earn: 50% for sharing

First Kin Ice Cream in Los Angeles

Would love to buy the first ice cream cone with Kin at, Jeni’s, the best ice cream place in Los Angeles. I will take a picture of the cone at Jeni’s with a piece of paper talking about how it was purchased with CODE, KIN, and was fundraised at BUDU. I will leave a google review highlighting that this Jeni’s was the site of the first ice cream purchased with money sent from around the world using Code&Kin.


Needed: $9   Raised: $9.50   Donations: 2

Earn: 10% for sharing

First pizza paid for in Kin

I can’t wait to taste the first pizza paid for in Kin, it will be delicious! I will buy 2 pizzas from the best pizza place in Los Angeles, Tomato Pie. And take a picture of myself with them before I eat them. I will post this pic on the google reviews of Tomato Pie highlighting that this is the site of the first Pizza purchased with Kin.


Needed: $65   Raised: $65.84   Donations: 24

Earn: 5% for sharing

Help with my pitch deck for a new VR game that uses Kin
Twitter by PlayParticle in Gaming · United States

I have a new indie game studio and I've been personally invited to pitch my new VR game idea to one of the largest web3 game investors around. I need to put together a pitch deck and business plan in the next few weeks. Since my game uses Kin as it's in-game currency I thought it would be interesting to use the stats from this this fundraiser as a metric in the pitch deck. The more people that donate to help me build a better pitch deck, the more impressive the stats will look, showing the investors that people want to see Kin used in a video game. If this fundraiser continues beyond this first pitch I'll keep updating the stats for future pitches. Thank you!


Needed: $200   Raised: $51.38   Donations: 19

Earn: 50% for sharing

Buy me a coffee in Los Angeles

I will buy a coffee in Los Angeles and take a picture of it in front of the Hollywood sign.


Needed: $5   Raised: $7.00   Donations: 6

Earn: 50% for sharing

Buy Me a Burger
not verified by i4QrhpGc in Hunger · United States

Help me Buy a Burger

Needed: $10   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

Buy Me a Pen
not verified by i4QrhpGc in Personal · United States

Buy Me a Pen

Needed: $5   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

Trip to see my first date

I met someone online and she's really amazing! I wanted to try this platform out and have a fundraiser to see if the community is willing to help me raise some money to go on a trip to see her in person. I usually do not date and I haven't been on a date since I was 15 years old. I am willing for the first time to take this journey and maybe find love.. who knows. I hope I can gain the support of my fellow peers who were in my boat before and weren't able to make anything work because no money no honey (jk.) But yes! Will you be willing to help me raise money to go see my first date and possibly left over to buy her dinner? <3

Needed: $500   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

not verified by eNzkpaHW in Personal · United States

Please help my family (me, my husband, 4 young step-sons, my little sister we are raising, 4 dogs) get our precious baby puppy out of the veterinary hospital. Her name is Mojo and she is a pit bull/Shar-pei mix. She has a sister Coco, who has been at home with us. Unfortunetly, Mojo and Coco both contracted Parvo at just about 7 weeks old. Mojo was just too small (as the runt of the litter) to beat the disease on her own. She was throwing up and pooping straight blood when we rushed her to the veterinary hospital. She was in very bad shape. By the grace of God, Mojo made it through but she had to spend several days in the vet hospital totaling a bill of over $3000. However, we can get her out for $500 and pay the rest in installments. So, I will be more than happy with $500 just so I can bring the little baby home becuase they said they will uthanize if we dont pay to get her out!!! I can't imagine her thinking that we abandoned her. Please Please help us and little Mojo!

Needed: $500   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 15% for sharing

Just a step then I’ll do it.
not verified by Divinepsycho in Adult · United States

Just struggling, need rent and car payment and insurance. Working through it. I just need a push up the step, then I got it unless you got it for me. So I can get a new tattoo:

Needed: $3,000   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

Earn: 50% for sharing

I need to be spoiled

I want you to spoil me

Needed: $1,500   Raised: $0.00   Donations: 0

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